Investment Advice in Australia
from George Cochrane (Australian Financial Services License 237380)
principal in the advisory firm of Cochrane Investment Services
Established 1991
Wealth is not without its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has not proved widely persuasive - John Kenneth Gailbraith

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A quick look at the services available, designed to increase your wealth:-

    1. Obtaining investment advice, - how to get personal financial and investment advice. Click here for full information. Please note that, following the COVID-19 crisis, I am seeing clients via Zoom or Skype videolink, preceded by a series of emailed questions. For clients who require a face-to-face meeting, I hire a conference room at Edgecliff Serviced Offices, 233 New South Head Rd, Level 5, at an added cost.

    2. News & Views - a four page monthly strategy newsletter, now in its 28th year, published at the beginning of each month and designed for the general subscriber and advisory client. The newsletter is designed to help keep you informed about the general investment markets - shares, interest rates, property and gold - and where they are heading, and also changes to super and tax rules affecting investors. The newsletter recommends generalised portfolios for low, medium and high investors in managed funds to help them adapt their strategies to market movements. Click here to sample a previous issue. (It comes as an small .pdf file.)

    Apologies but I'm having problems with newsletter downloads which will hopefully be resolved soon. Until then, anyone wanting the samples on the website can email me a request, using the email address below.

    3. Buy'n Hold - a four page, monthly newsletter, published mid-month and aiming to recommend a high income portfolio, with a maximum of 20 stocks, for long term investors, retirees and self managed super funds. Selections are largely based on technical analysis, but with an eye to high dividend yield and low price earning ratio. Click above to sample a previous issue of the newsletter, now in its 21st year. (It comes as a small .pdf file.)

    4. Buy'n Hold and The Trading Portfolios - consists of Buy'n Hold plus a 4 to 12 page (occasionally more), monthly extension offering four trading portfolios (Growth, Income, Major Resources & Penny Hopefuls) with a maximum of 20 stocks each, now in its 28th year (previously sold separately). Shares are selected through technical analysis and our three trading rules, designed with the twin objectives of seeking capital growth and/or income while reducing the risk of high capital loss, are simple: 1. Buy at the start of a move. 2. Minimise any loss of capital by using stop loss limits. 3. Maintain your profits with trailing stops. Click above for a sample of the newsletter. (It comes as a 500kb .pdf file.)

    5. Placing your order - an order form.

    6. Web links - some useful web pages for students of Australian financial markets.

    7. CPD Policy - as required by the Financial Adviser Standards & Education Authority.

    George Cochrane

Hello, I'm George Cochrane, licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (and its predecessors) since 1986 to give investment advice by my Australian Financial Services License 237380. Much of my work consists of providing advice to private and corporate clients. You can also read my Q & A advice column each Sunday in the Sydney Sun-Herald, presented for over 30 years, and now also appearing in the Melbourne Sunday Age and other Fairfax papers, with an estimated readership of over one million people each week. My approach focusses on the needs of each individual client and to minimise clients' costs. I own my own business and have never accepted payments from outside parties in the form of seminar assistance, advertising assistance, paid holidays, etc. In this way, I can focus on my client's needs as my first priority.

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George Cochrane

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